Welcome to Lambeth South Deanery. This group of Anglican Churches offers a supportive network for our ministry and mission. Serving a diverse range of communities and neighbourhoods, we celebrate that social and ethnic diversity in the life of our churches. Each congregation and parish has its own identity and story, gifts and resources. The Deanery enables us to better share these for mutual support and for the flourishing of the whole area.

As Area Dean I seek to work with the other clergy of the Deanery, as well as lay members of the Deanery Synod - supporting individual parishes and building a structure for partnership. We pray for one another and look for ways to be resourced and trained together. The clergy meet as a Chapter for sharing ideas, receiving input from speakers, and supporting each other. The Deanery Synod, comprising elected representatives from each parish meets three or four times a year for discussion and debate about issues affecting the life of church and society. The Synod also elects members to the Diocesan and General Synods.

Lambeth South Deanery has been designated one of three Pathfinder Deaneries by Southwark Diocese. This means we are putting a particular focus on growing our effectiveness and hopefully showing the way for others. We have a Deanery Development minister who continues to create opportunities for shared training and growth.  At the heart of our Deanery we are developing a Deanery Centre for prayer, learning and service from a former parish church:  the Community of St Margaret the Queen.

Revd David Stephenson - Area Dean